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Written by Dr. Calvin Lee, Modesto, California Kybella Surgeon with Dr. Tammy Wu, Modesto Plastic Surgeon.
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I am honored to be selected to be one of the first physicians to have access to Kybella.  Much of what is written here is my professional opinion about the product and may not be the view of the Kybella/Kythera company.  The info provided here is general information and not meant to be specific medical advice.  Please see your doctor in person for medical advice.


What is Kybella?


Common side Effects with Kybella


How does Kybella work?

Above are photos provided by the manufacturer of Kybella.


What causes double chin?


Kybella treatments resulted in high patient satisfaction


How is Kybella administered?


Are Kybella injections painful?


How many treatments are needed for Kybella?


How far apart should each session be for Kybella?


Is there skin tightening with Kybella?

What are the best necks for Kybella?


What's the Kybella downtime?


Precautions regarding Kybella


Dr. Calvin Lee's special preferences for comfort and avoidance of complications


How much does Kybella cost?

I'm answering this question on how much does the PROCEDURE cost - rather than the cost of a bottle of deoxycholic acid.

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Kybella Injected by Dr. Calvin Lee, surgeon in Modesto California

Double Chin Dissolving Injections

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